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Successful press release experts know that you must send more than one press release to be effective. Weekly or monthly press releases work best. That is why we offer unlimited press releases for $299 USD per year for a single company.

PRBuzz Features:

- Automatic placement of your press release in thousands of news sites, blogs, social networks, newspaper sites, TV news sites, radio news sites, search engines.
- Your press release will reach thousands of media contacts, bloggers and consumers.
- We allow up to 5 hyperlinks, 2 images and 1,000 words in each press release
- All press releases remain live for at least three years without advertisements
- Package limited to sending press releases about a single company. Not for re-sellers or SEO firms.

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There are many different benefits to sending out or distributing a press release.

Properly distributed press releases:

  1. Get the attention of journalists and media producers who are always looking for content
  2. Drive traffic to your website
  3. Enhance your professional image, authority, and credibility
  4. Create online visibility
  5. Attract new customers
  6. Protect or repair your online reputation
  7. Build your brand
  8. Create Search Engine Optimization (SEO) back links to your website. to Feature Press Releases from PDF Print E-mail

The internet site to feature press releases from

Press releases are the latest ways to get your niche audience to know about you. That is what does best. is an extremely popular news site that has millions of visitors each day.  It is a website that has a constant stream of new visitors as well as its loyalists who have turned its evangelists. At acceptance of press releases is really good news as it has already got a well-maintained steady stream of visitors who log on every single day to get more information. This will certainly get your business noticed and that means more cash rolling into your kitty. At we do our best so as to allow you to be laughing all the way to the bank.

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Press release distribution and internet URL's

Internet press release site posts press releases to Electro IQ - The Portal for Electronics Manufacturing PDF Print E-mail

Few industries have experienced the kind of technological and economic growth as has the electronics industry, and when sites like – a leading source of industry news and analysis – need to keep abreast of events that impact their readers, they turn to Internet press release service Whether the news is about a technological breakthrough, a financial whisper that has the potential to turn into a deafening roar, or just the retirement of an industry magnate, the industry experts at know that PRBuzz will have the information that industry followers want and need.

Press Release Distribution - Only $299 per Year! PDF Print E-mail

Successful businesses must send press releases on a regular and consistent schedule. Weekly or monthly press releases work best. That is why offers unlimited PR distribution for only $299 / year for a single company.

The Internet and Press Releases PDF Print E-mail

Press releases are one of the few ways to get noticed on the internet today. All consumers and journalists use press releases found on the internet to make buying decisions. If you have a site on the internet and want to be found by the search engines, backlinks from press releases are essential.

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